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Science Show - Frequently Asked Questions

How many students do you cater for? Usually up to 100 but smaller groups work better as they can participate and engage more.

How long does the show last? About one hour

Where do you present the science shows? Corporate events Caravan Parks School camps At your school in the Melbourne Metro, Geelong, the Bellarine & Mornington Peninsulas, Ballarat. Surf Coast

What do you need to provide? 1. A room to set up and enough room for the students to sit on carpet area. 2. Power supply. 3. Access to the room to set up, which will take about 30 minutes. 4. Close proximity to a tap and basin. 5. If you have three rectangular trestle tables set up in advance in the room. Other wise I can bring mine.

Does the show create a mess? We put down a drop cloth incase there are any spillages.

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How much does a show cost? A one hour Science show cost $450

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