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Science Experiments

Surface tention experiment with milk and food colour

Surface Tention

This is a simple experiment and very visual. Tool: Bowl Milk Food Colouring Cotton buds Washing up liquid. Place the milk in a bowl. Put a dot of a few different colours around the bowl. (Do not mix) Now dip your cotton bud in the washing up liquid Now here comes the magic, very gently place the tip of your cotton bud on top of the milk and watch as the colours instatly spread across the bowl. What is happening? The molecules on the surface of the milk are holding tight together. The same reason you get a sore belly if you belly flop into a pool. The washing up liquid is breaking the surface tention.


Red Cabbage

Use red cabbage to create a pH indicator. It can tell you whether something is an acid or a base. It will turn pink if introduced to an acid like lemon or vinegar or blue/green if a base (bi-carb) is introduced. Chop some red cabage up and place in it boiling water. After a few minutes drain and keep the liquid. It will be a dark purple colour. Now you can get your chidren to experiment themselves. Get them to squeeze a lemon into the red cabbage water and see the colour change. Try other things like hand sanitizer, vinegar and bi-carb to see how it reacts differently. This is a fun safe way to engage your children in science

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